US Cartboy Preorders are now LIVE!

The day has finally arrived, you can now preorder your Cart Boy kit. Preorders will likely ship mid to late July with the current workload and projected ship dates from manufacturers of Cart boy. This is subject to slight variations mainly from manufacturing and shipping. If there are any changes to the expected shipping times, you will be updated as soon as possible.

For those who are new to Gamebox, Cart Boy is a Raspberry Pi Zero based emulation handheld kit. The kit will include everything you need to make your own Cart Boy handheld minus the Pi Zero due to sourcing issues in large quantities. If we find a seller of Pi Zero’s at a reasonable price before Launch we will sell them on the store . For most moderate to experienced solderers, Cart Boy will take about an hour to assemble. We have worked hard to ensure that the Cart Boy kit is a fun DIY experience minimizing the room for potential problems.

There will be a lot of updates coming soon regarding the status of Cart Boy and preorders like pictures, guides, videos, etc. So make sure to stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter or follow @Postmanmods and @Nobble64 on Instagram to see the latest and greatest developments!

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