Update Regarding Cartboy Preorders

Hello everyone!


Wanted to give an update regarding the pre-order status of Cartboy to our loyal backers. Starting today we will be closing pre-orders for the DIY Cartboy kits, meaning that if you pre-ordered you are will be one of the very few with a first run Cartboy kit!


Due to the complexity of orchestrating PCBs, parts, and 3D prints the first run of Cartboy kits will be delayed until late august/early September to ensure you as the customer get the highest quality cart possible. We take immense pride in our work meaning we will not cut corners or rush a project.


Nobble and I want to thank everyone for your patience and continued support. Updates will be posted as we come closer to shipping out kits near the end of the month. Make sure to follow @cartboypi on Instagram for updates and teasers!



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