Product Shipping Statuses

This page will be kept up to date with the latest on the statuses of each of our products shipping. Due to factors such as our move to a new location, an influx of orders, and finding local help to speed up order fulfillment, we are running behind on shipment of orders and have extended our ETAs on orders being fulfilled.


Please consult this page before sending us an email as we are backed up on emails and a response may take 2 – 3 business days for a response.

 General Shop Status:

(1/24/23): Our printer farm has officially been moved over to the new office space. Nobble will begin setting up and getting us to full capacity in the coming weeks!

(1/23/23): We have more white filament in shop and are getting more cases printed for SP and non-SP orders!

(1/20/23) We ran out of white filament but have more on order. This will cause a slight delay for white case kits that need fulfillment.

(1/16/23) We are attempting to move some of our equipment to our new office space this week but the weather is not great so this may have to wait until next week. This means that printing of GGHD and custom color cases for other products will be delayed until we are able to move as our printer farm is packed up and waiting to be moved to our new space. Once we are able to move our printer farm, shelving, and 3D printer enclosures, we will be back to full speed printing and getting all orders out.

We have an extra pair of hands this week and he will be focusing on prepping units for fully assembled orders. This will allow us to ship orders much quicker once we have the cases available.

One printer is still operational doing GBHD Advance and SP white cases, so fully assembled and kits for all white case GBHD Advance units will continue to ship as we are able to print them.


(1/24/23): Orders are being processed this week. We only have 10 left in stock! After the 10 are gone, we will be getting another batch of PCBs in stock in mid March with 64HD PCBs.

(1/16/23) All kits and fully assembled units are tracking towards the quoted 7-14 day turn around time for orders to ship. If you have ordered a color of case that we do not have in stock, your order will be delayed until we get our printers up and running in our new space.

GBHD Advance SP:

(1/24/23): Waiting on the print farm to be setup to start shipping custom color kits/fully assemlbed units. White case orders are getting processed are being processed this week.

(1/20/23) Around 28 kits went out this past week. We are waiting for more white filament to start fulfilling more orders. This will cause a slight delay to existing orders that haven’t been fulfilled yet.

(1/16/23) All white case kit orders have labels are are shipping this week (1/16/23). We are waiting on cases for custom color cases and fully assembled units. Again, these orders will start shipping once we get the new printers up and running in our new office.


(1/24/23): The GGHD model is now with the contract mechanical engineer. He will be revising our current case files specifically for injection molding. ETA on the files for injection molding is early next week. Once we have those files, we will get a quote and get these cases ordered!

(1/23/23): There is a meeting today to discuss the necessary changes for the case design in order to move ahead with an injection molding order. We are shooting for having those designs updated this week so that we can get a quote on molding next week.

(1/20/23) On Monday (1/23) we will be meeting with a mechanical engineer to make edits to our model to get a quote for injection molding the case. If all goes well, we are tracking towards having the files to the factory right after chinese new year and another 2 weeks for case delivery. That puts ETA on remaining GGHD orders around mid February.

(1/17/23) In order to get everyone their order in a timely fashion, we are hiring a mechanical engineer to review the GGHD case design for injection molding. Once that is ready, we will send the design out for a mid scale run of cases with threaded inserts. Once we get the cases in, we can start shipping kits and preassembled units immediately. Current ETA is mid to late February. We apologize for the delay but it will absolutely be worth the wait.

(1/16/23) We are prepped and ready to ship units but again, we are waiting on our print farm to be up and operational after we move them to our new office.


(1/16/23) We have the save settings feature implemented in firmware. We need to do extensive regression testing on our code and will be submitting our production order as soon as the Chinese new year has ended.

Other small product orders (WFBOK, SD2SP2 lids, etc):

(1/24/23): All orders under this category before Jan 15 have gone out. If you did not receive a tracking number, please let us know.

(1/16/23) We are getting caught up on these orders this week. If you haven’t gotten a shipping notification on one of these item orders, you will in the next few days.