New Video from Wermy Showcasing Cartboy with GIVEAWAY & Restock on Cartboy!

Hello everyone, Postman here with some cool Gamebox news!

Our friend Wermy over at Sudomod has done a fantastic review on youtube:




Thank you so much Wermy for taking the time and effort to make this video. We appreciate it tremendously. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out his youtube channel and instagram (@sudomod_wermy).

Not only has he put out a wonderful video, he is also hosting a Cartboy giveaway on Sudomod. Feeling luck? Visit this link to throw yourself into the Cartrena, good luck:


Also, we have restocked Cartboys (20 of each color) and will soon be releasing a special edition Cartboy for purchase.

Stay tuned for more Gamebox news coming soon!

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