New Products Available! Website Updates & More!

Hey Everyone! Nobble here!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately!

Postman and I have been hard at work bringing new projects and kits to our shop!

If you have not seen, pre-orders are open for the DMG Consolizer!

It is a DIY kit to turn an old gameboy with a worn lcd into a full home-console. More details will be available soon as we finalize the pcb!


We have also released a newly designed add-on for the SD2SP2 pcb designed by citrus3000psi.

It is a Cover/Lid that allows easy access to the SD card (and looks so JUICY too!)

There are tons of color options available, and you can even bundle the pcb with the lid to save some money. 🙂



Both the DMG Consolizer and the SD2SP2 Kits were featured on!


We also have a replacement top case for the Gamecube itself that allows full sized DVD’s. It is a great way to spice up your old qoobz!

The MODCUBE is available NOW in a variety of options and colors!


And last, but certainly not least, updates on CARTBOY!

Recently we added the option for a DIY kit to assemble your own Cartboy handheld!

We also have added a seperate listing for custom colored cases! This is a perfect add on if you do not want to print your own case, but like to assemble projects. 🙂

Recently, we released the STL files for both Cartboy and the SD2SP2 Cover on our resources page as OpenSource files.

We chose to do this as a gesture of our appreciation for the video gaming community and all of the people who support our work! Giving back helps communities grow stronger, and we have grown so much from everyone who has helped us along the way.

Postman and I want to thank everyone who has been there on this Cartventure!


Final update on current orders!


We are currently assembling all Cartboy handhelds and will ship once eash order is complete. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we move from a “pre-order” status into a “made-to-order” approach with this product.


DMG Consolizer:

Pre-orders are currently open and will stay open until we have enough funding to complete this project. Depending on popularity, we predict this to wrap up within the early months of 2020. Tell your friends! And if you have considered ordering, now is the time to do so! We will update everyone when progress is made!


SD2SP2 Kits:

I am currently going through orders and printing the colors purchased for the 3D designed cover. Orders that do not have the PCB included will go out first. At the same time we will be assembling boards and shipping the rest of the orders out per usual. We have 200 boards on order from our pcb fabrication plant for when we run out of our current stock. Those should arrive within 2-4 weeks. We see the demand, and will be on top of orders as fast as possible! 🙂


That’s about it for now. Keep checking the store for newly leaked products!


Designer/Creative Director

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