LITKIT: An Attiny85 based RGB LED programmable microcontroller!

Hey everyone!

Quick update, before a bigger announcement that will follow!

Recently, we added a new product to our shop.

We call it LITKIT.

It is a very tiny PCB with a built in micro-controller that is fully programmable with the Arduino IDE. It also has a small RGB LED and pads to program your own code with a TinyUSB ISP Programmer. You can use the Adafruit Neopixels library with it as well!

Check out our Github Page for more info!

This ties into our next announcement.

Within a few days we will be releasing our very own Gameboy Color Consolizer Kit!

We have dubbed this one “GameBoy High Definition Color”

or GBHD Color.

(Version 1 out of two case designs to choose from.)

This is a fully standalone or partial case replacement and LCD/Control replacement for the original Gameboy Color handheld. It allows you to connect a ribbon cable from the LCD connector on the GBC board to our GBHDC PCB, and soldering a few wires enables control input via any SNES controller with a custom Controller Port PCB.

You as a customer will have the choice to choose the “light version” which only removes the front half of the gbc case, and the LCD.

(The two versions in their development stage.)

The other option requires cutting the GBC board in half just below the cartridge slot.
This allows the Gameboy to fit into a smaller case that is much more appealing to the eye.

We offer two options for those who do not want to sacrifice a GBC for the installation of the kit.

Postman has been hard at work finalizing the firmware for the GBHD PCB and the OSD that can be brought up by the SNES controller!

Nobble is in the final stages of the case designs, making sure they print perfectly (without supports!)

So how does all of this tie into LITKIT???

We integrated LITKIT into GBHD Color so that you can program your own RGB color patterns and add mood lighting to your new mini home console!!!

Pre-orders open at the beginning of September!
Expect many more updates to come. 🙂


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