In Loving Memory of David, CFO of Gamebox LLC and Founding Father

As hard as it is to write this, it breaks my heart to announce that our Chief Financial Officer David Silberman is no longer with us as of Tuesday August 11th 2020, after battling Leukemia.

David, father of the most amazing electrical engineer Postman (Aaron), was THE reason we were able to start up Gamebox as a company. David was the core of our mission from the beginning. Without the expertise and knowledge he gained from years of being a CPA, we would have had to overcome a lot of initial challenges that he solved with ease.

I met Postman and David three years ago, and within that time I have seen so much positive changes in all of our lives. David was close to his three kids Aaron, Rachel, and Ben, and they always pushed each other to set the bar higher. I saw this leadership and it bled into my own work. David really had a way of pushing you in the kindest way, while still being a smart-ass. He would laugh away his stresses and did not feel bad for calling you out.
(We needed that more than ever in our first year as a new business.)

The choices people make and the effort put out into the world really make an impact long-term.

Even though you are no longer a part of our team David, the determination you bestowed upon us will continue guide our way!
Thank you for being there for us CFO-DAD. <3
The hearts of the Gamebox Community send their thoughts and prayers to Postman and his family. We are all in this together, and hope that this year brings happier moments and bonds that grow closer.
My deepest condolences,
(We will make a store related announcement very soon.)

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