HD Gameboy Consolization Kits: Status Update!

Hey there! –Nobble here!

Wow it’s been a bit, and that means we have been very busy in the lab! *raises mug to everyone*

-Anyways, we have some news so let’s get down to the copper traces…errrr, I mean brass tacks!



DMTV v2 has officially been released on our website and github, the first kits have gone out to customers. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The guide is coming soon, but for those that have received their kits and need assistance with the build please do not hesitate to join our discord server and post under the “#consolization” channel.


Check on the Resources Page for when the guide is released!

Thank you to everyone who supported DMTV!

You can buy a DIY kit yourself HERE!


GBHD Retro and Color

For those that have pre-ordered their GBHD Retro and GBHD Color kits: The wait is coming to an end! All the hardware has been assembled, flashed, and is ready to go. As of now, we are making final adjustments to the cases and fighting with our 3D printers to play nice. Kits will go out soon, and we guarantee the wait will have been worth it. We want to thank everyone who ordered for their patience and their faith in us to deliver a superb product.

More updates and new kits released to the shop for everyone soon! V soz for the radio silence!!!



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