GBS Weekly News Update #9. >>>Advancing Forward>>>

GBHD Advance updates, N64HD announced! Lab churning out mods. ~ T

GBHD Advance
~ Double Buffer and gamma correction implemented.
~ Our GBA solution GBHD Advance will go on sale mid to late February to mid march depending on factory capacity. We will keep you updated weekly about progress.
~ DIY GBHD Advance Kits will be available for purchase.
~Pre-built GBHD Advance units (including a sourced known good GBA mainborad) will also be available for purchase.
~DIY Kit pricing will be announced next week.

Gamebox Announces N64HD, an N64 HDMI Solution
Our joint N64HD HDMI solution that we’ve developed with @helder is working well. We are doing one more round of test hardware before moving into full production. Final production on retail hardware should begin sometime in late March or early April.

Production Capacity
Nobble has been tuning the print farm to pro-fection. With the custom Voron tuned up and purring, our production can withstand quite an order volume now. We will also continue to add tools outside of additive manufacturing so we can offer you even more options to mod and restore your game systems.

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