GBS Weekly News Update #8. A Tale of Two Mods.

Color In Two Variants

Full (Starting at $250USD) ~ Your standard fully featured longcat configuration based around an uncut GBC PCB.

Mini (Starting at $270USD) ~ Same features as the Full variant in half the footprint. This configuration is based around GBC PCBs that have had the redundant bits removed. We have bunch of half GBC PCBs from the original design, and instead of letting them be reprocessed we figure a new life in an attractive form factor is the better option.

New G Designs Merchandise Available

NEW MERCH. Mod your look with our attractive accessories!

Voron Arrives on Tuesday

Our giant custom 350mm Voron 2.4 is being installed in the lab tomorrow! Expect lots of posts in the 3d Printing and 3d Design channels.

Thanks for joining us on another weekly news update! Stay Safe Folks! -Nobble

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