GBS Weekly News Update #7. To New Adventures!

New Era Old Games ~ T

Pre Built Consolizers; Retro, Color, and Advance
Starting immediately GBHD Retro and GBHD Color units are available prebuilt custom to order. When GBHD Advance drops later this year it will be available without pre-order.

Pre Built Pricing is as follows (This includes the original hardware);

$200 ~ GBHD Retro (Built around the original gameboy)

$250 ~ GBHD Color (Built around the color)

$300 ~ GBHD Advance (Built around the advance) Scheduled to launch later this year

General Site-wide Sale
Many of our most popular products are on sale right now, we encourage people to visit to check out all the good deals. Limited stocks of GBHD Retro and Color DIY Kits are available.

GBHD Color Updates
~ Firmware v1.12 ~ added pixel smoothing option.
~ Minor guide tweak simplifying some of the fastener dimensions.

W E L C O M E 2 0 2 2 . -nobble

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