GBS Weekly News Update #6. Welcome to the beginning of the End.

The year is almost at an end, I think we’ll all be glad when this one is behind us. There are better things on all our horizons ~ T

Generic Holiday Message 8Fx0000
We’re nearly through the holiday season too, but we’re hoping people were able to find some joy for themselves in the last part of this year.

Cart OS & Cartboy V2
Cart OS v5(codename Replay) has had the majority of the kinks worked out of it to fully support the Pi02W architecture. Brightness control has been implemented and is working as intended in V2.

Final Communication from Gamebox Labs 2021
We have recently unearthed several new exciting products from the cursed Stygian tomb of ancient knowledge we that we mine. As soon as we have properly de-cursed them, made the proper sacrifices, and avoided any sort of last crusade style logic traps, we will be happy to share them with you. Jokes aside we’re working on some pretty neat things, and those rumors of Toad being eaten by mummies are unfounded.

Thank you everyone for making this an awesome year! We appreciate your continued support and want to specially thank all of our community members over on our Discord Server! -Nobble

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