GBS Weekly News Update #5. The Legacy Continues…

There is a lot to be excited about this week. ~T

GBHD Advance
This last week Postman showed off a working Gameboy Advance A/V-I/O translation core. The firmware is finished. We have begun production on the Gameboy Advance consolization boards. We are looking to release prebuilt systems without pre-order in the upcoming year.

Legacy Consolization Products
GBHD Retro and GBHD Color self install kits are slated to be discontinued. Systems prebuilt to these specs will be available as custom orders going forward.

A note about pricing and supply.
We are refraining from talking about the product pricing this week. We expect to have that totally evaluated in the first few weeks of Q1 in 2022. We can say that everything will be similarly and fairly priced to what it has been. We will have the supplies to meet every customer’s need.

Everything is running like proper clockwork. Every order out on time. Lots of fun things to be found on the shop. We continue to wish you a nice holiday season.

Thank you for staying up to date with us! Don’t forget to grab your GBHD series DIY Kits before they are no longer in the shop! -Nobble

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