GBS Weekly News Update #4. The Future Is Now!

Slow and steady wins the race ~ T

Storm Delays

Due to the severe weather this last week, some shipments have been delayed, but it is out of our hands. Literally, it is a postal delay. Should only be an extra day or two if you had a package in transit.

Printer Farm

We are still waiting for the big Voron to be installed. Even without it, fabrication is outpacing orders. Having the wiggle room for future order spikes is good for everyone.

A Message About The Future

We’re going to have some big(and good) news coming down the line when the year rolls over. We just want to thank our customers for their business over the years. We are blessed to be a part of this community!

We are very excited to keep you all up to date, all as we continue our modding adventures! It’s going to be a very fun and new road ahead! Until next Monday! -Nobble

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