GBS Weekly News Update #2. Rebooting!

No major announcements this week, but stay tuned because big things are cooking in the lab! Enclosed is a general progress update on things currently going on. ~T

The move continues!

We have a lot of great things going into the new space. One of the reasons it is taking a few weeks is because we wanted to be able to keep processing and shipping orders without any major disruptions for our customers.

Consolization News

  • Our entire stock of GBHD Retro boards are flashed with the latest stable build and have passed QC.
  • The full stock of GBHD Color boards have also nearly completed their flashing and testing cycles.

-Lead time on orders will be substantially improved as we move away from the pre-order model. For the current and foreseeable future we will no longer be doing pre-orders. It will be a little bit longer between releases, as we are aiming to get orders shipped within a few days of purchase.

Cartboy News

V2 is the one thing slightly paused during the move. It doesn’t need much work and it was more important to us to be able to keep orders going out for the products we physically have to sell.

Hey, listen
We hope you have a nice week.

Also, the website was down for a bit, so this weekly update is a little late, but better than never! Until next Monday! -Nobble

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