GBS Weekly News Update #11. Getting Lit Up!

New Case Designs

All GBHD models will include threaded inserts moving forward. New case design for GBHD Advance is finalized.


Litkit is a low voltage solution for adding custom R.G.B. lighting to your modifications. Litkit v2 P.C.B. are in the lab and we will be listing them for sale later this week. All GBHD Advance systems will include Litkit hardware. A “Litkit” edition of GBHD Advance will be available paired with clear top shells and extra R.G.B. L.E.D.

GBHD Advance

GBHD Advance launch is imminent. Keep your eyes peeled to this news feed or our official blog, for when we announce the official release date this Friday, along with a full overview of the kit and its features.

We will make an announcement post on this blog Friday for those who want more details about GBHD Advance. Have a wonderful week! -Nobble

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