Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 9/26/22

Thanks for the Patience and Apologies for the Delay

Thanks for bearing with us but we will be back to the regular cadence of Monday updates after this delayed update. Again, we appreciate everyone’s patience and support!

Weird Flex Boot OK and New GBHD Advance Flex Cable are In!

Weird Flex Book OK flex cables and PCBs are in stock! The PCBs will be hand assembled with the FFC flex connector and power switch in our lab and then they will start shipping on schedule. We are just waiting on those parts which will be delivered by the end of the week. In turn, these kits will start shipping next week and on schedule.

The first test point version of the quick solder flex cable for GBHD Advance is a smashing success! Only a few minor adjustments are needed and then they will be sent off for a production run sometime late this week.

Postman’s Engineering Update

GGHD and GBHD Advance restock have shipped and have an estimated delivery date of early next week! GGHD case design is just about to begin, so the listing will go live once we have a case design that is ready to be sent out for printing. Current estimated time for the GGHD listing is mid-October and shipping early November. GBHD Advance backorders will start shipping as soon as we have stock of the new test pad quick solder flex cable, estimated shipping is early to mid October.

GBHD Advance SP case is on the final revision. As of now, we are running multiple test prints before sending off the design for printing to ensure printability and design integrity. Designs will be sent out early next week and the prints will be in shop three weeks after the order is placed. Estimated shipping is late October.

This week, we open sourced a project called “Super Gameboy Interface”. Originally we had a project with the working title “Super GBHD” that was going to be a stand alone and plug-n-play Super Gameboy consolizer with custom border support. Unfortunately the project died in development due to the complexity of the design and the high cost of production. Since we are no longer pursuing this project, the decision was made to make the unfinished source freely available. In it’s current form the project does work, however, a significant amount of work still needs to be done to define DMA transactions to the Super Gameboy. The source code is available on our GitHub for anyone that would like to utilize or build upon this code.

That’s a Wrap!

That’s all for this week, folks! We will have some exciting updates in the coming weeks as we continue to receive shipments and as case designs wrap up. We are sprinting to the finish line and we are just about at the finish line. Stay tuned for next weeks update where we will have more news for everyone! 

Until then, have a great week and cheers!

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