Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 8/22/22

An Update on Weird Flex Boot OK

When we created this kit, we were unaware that WebHDX (@WebHDX on Twitter, the creator of PicoBoot) is planning an “official” flex cable will be released at some point with no current ETA. WebHDX explained publicly that any quick solder kits (such as our kit) may not be compatible with future PicoBoot versions. Given this information, anyone who has placed a preorder may cancel their order if they prefer to wait for WebHDX’s quick solder solution.

With that said, we have heard the community and are working on a second 3D printed bracket that keeps the DVD drive intact. Once completed and confirmed, we will inform everyone of it’s availability.

If you plan to change your kits bracket type (after we confirm the bracket will be available) or to cancel your preorder, please send us an email at with your order number and we will get that processed for you.

Current Order Fulfillment Status

All non-backordered GBHD Advance kits and pre-built units have gone out. About 90% were out by the first week of August, but there were a few that had custom color requests that were somewhat difficult to track down filament for or had other consolizers on their order that needed building. Modcube tops are printing and we are prepping DMTV kits to go out as soon as this week. All other orders to this point have been fulfilled!

There are a few extra GBHD Advance boards from the first batch so we will be sending out a few back order kits early this week! Order fulfillment of backorders will go from oldest to newest.

Postman’s Engineering Update

We have been keeping who is designing the cases for GBHD Advance SP and GGHD, but we are thrilled to finally announce that Dennis van den Broek (@PointerFunction on twitter) is designing our cases for these upcoming products. These cases will be open source under Creative Commons (Non-commercial) license. So if you want to print your own case, you have the ability to!

GBHD Advance SP PCBs will be shipping from the factory this week! Once we receive the boards and have the case design ready, we will launch the ordering page on our website’s store. When this happens, we will send out a formal announcement.

GGHD and GBHD Advance PCB shipping will follow closely behind the shipment of GBHD Advance SP. We are estimating all boards will have shipped by late next week or early the week after.

Weird Flex Boot OK design files have been sent out for a rapid prototype build. Once we receive these from the factory and verify the design, we will push the files to a GitHub repository with a GPL license.

Have a Great Week, Folks!

That’s all for this weeks update! Make sure to follow us on twitter @GameboxSystems to get the latest updates on announcements, products, and more!

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