Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 8/1/22

Full Steam Ahead!

Last week we were able to get our main workhorse 3D printer fully operational! Not only that, we were able to add another fully functional Ender3 to our farm with another printer only needing calibration to be fully operational. This means higher print yields for us and faster order fulfillment for you! This weekend alone we were able to get 11 cases finished. Things are really on the up and up on the 3D printing front! At this rate, we should be able to get all orders out by the end of this month (by the start of September).

We are getting our GBA motherboards with the soldered flex cable by Wednesday of this week. Once we get those in, prebuilt purchases will go out at a faster pace as we can assemble, test, and pack up those orders much more quickly with the flex cable soldering already being completed. Big thanks goes out to Corey at for helping us with the soldering, we appreciate you brother!

Expanding Our Office Space

We have expanded once again, this time we have rented the space next to our current space for Postman to do his engineering shenanigans. This expansion will allow for further 3D printing capabilities in our original space while at the same time giving Postman the space to do his engineering work without being crammed in with the 3D printers. The new space still need furnishing but initial moving is already complete!

Postman’s Engineering Update

GBHD Advance SP has been sent to the fabrication house for a production run of 200 boards as well as the quick solder flex cable! Fabrication house is saying roughly 4 weeks until we get those in the shop and another 1-2 weeks to get a working mechanical enclosure. Once we get the boards and have a case, we will list them for sale with the anticipated sale price starting at $159.99.

The next run of GBHD Advance (non SP) and GGHD both need another week before being sent to production. To save on production costs, both hardware revisions need their SDRAM modules switched out. GGHD has a bug pertaining to the genesis controller interface, this potential issue is being investigated this week and resolved ASAP to get designs out to the fabrication house.

Within the next few weeks, Postman is expecting to release a product roadmap for Q3 2022 through Q2 2023. We have many exciting products to be scheduled for development, so make sure to stay tuned for the roadmap!

That’s all for this week, folks!

We appreciate every single one of you and look forward to giving you all more positive news in the coming weeks! ❤️

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