Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 7/25/22

Fixing Our GBHD Advance Ribbon Cable Listing

We have received multiple emails about shipping not being available for this item. There seems to be a bug in our website backend, keep your eye on the listing as this should be fixed either today or tomorrow (7/25 or 7/26).

Harnessing the Power of the New 3D Printer Cable Harness

Some good news on the 3D printer front: We are receiving our new cable harness today (7/25/22)! For those out of the loop, a defect in the original cable harness for our main printer has cause us a lot of time, troubleshooting, heartache, and headaches. The manufacturer assures us this one is updated and does not have the defect. Nobble will install today and we will report of progress in next weeks update (sooner on twitter). We are looking forward to getting you your kits and fully assembled units! We thank you again for your patience and consideration. The wait will be well worth it and we will keep everyone updated every step of the way.

Engineering Status

Postman is hard at work ensuring we have parts available to Gamebox going into Q1 of 2023. This includes a migration of our GBHD codebase over to a new FPGA vendor. This will allow us to stock all GBHD variants (including GBHD Color and Retro), GGHD, and all products we have upcoming in 2023!

We are gearing up for the production run of GBHD Advance SP as well as GGHD, designs will go to the factory sometime this week pending small adjustments that need to be made to the hardware (adding test points, silkscreens, etc). ETA on hardware is around 4-6 weeks depending on when the PCB assembly house can schedule our build. At the same time, Nobble is still working on getting our printer farm up and running so that we can avoid shipping delays like the one we are experiencing now.

That’s all for this week!

Short update this week, however, we are moving ahead as quickly and efficiently as we can. If we have any big strides, we will make sure to keep you posted via twitter and email.

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