Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 7/18/22

Main Printer Woes

We are behind on orders due to our main workhorse printer being down again. Nobble has contacted the manufacturer about the troubles we have been facing with the printer. Low and behold – the manufacturer shipped faulty wire harnesses with the batch of printers that our printer was shipped out in. The manufacturer is sending us a new wire harness which should fix the issues we have been facing and get us back up and running. We will have the harness in sometime this week.

If for whatever reason we cannot fix our printer in a timely manner, we will be using a 3rd party to print the parts we need for the cases to get cases to get you the orders faster. We sincerely apologize for the delay and at full capacity to get these kits out to folks. Thanks for the patience!

Printer Farm is Coming Together!

Nobble has been working almost around the clock on getting our Ender3 printer farm assembled and operational. Having this farm will enable us to print parts fast and efficiently to get future orders and future products out the door in a timely manner. As of now, the farm is about a third of the way completed with more progress being made daily. A big hats off to Nobble for his hard work and dedication!

Order Update Status

We have successfully processed orders up to order #6892 (excluding prebuilt systems). If your order number is passed that, we are still working on getting your order out. We will have an ETA for all shipments in next weeks update pending if we can get our main printer up and running this week or if we need to outsource the printing to get orders out quicker.

On the prebuilt consolizers front, we have sent out our GBA motherboards to have the flex cable soldered on by the very capable Corey over at He is currently half way done with the soldering and we should receive those late this week or early next week. Assembly of prebuilts on the colors of cases we are able to print (with the main printer being down) as soon as we get the GBA motherboards back in from

As for all other orders such as replacement parts and other small 3d printed parts, those should ship within 2-4 business days from date of ordering.

Engineering Updates

Between order fulfillment, Postman has started the porting of our consolizer codebase away from Xilinx FPGAs to a new vendor that we will begin using in early 2023 once our stock of Xilinx parts is depleted. We are beginning this process now due to the effort associated with rewriting code to work with a new FPGA. This requires a large refactoring of the code and having to test and retest to ensure no features break in the process of porting the code.

We have received what we believe to be the final GGHD (Game gear consolizer) hardware in and it is pending testing. Once the hardware is verified, we will be sending the designs out for a production run of 150x PCBs! We will be updating everyone soon on availability dates of this consolizer kit.

That’s all for this week!

A big thank you to everyone for supporting us. We love this community and work hard consistently to deliver you the highest quality product we possibly can. Big projects are on the horizon for Gamebox and we look forward to sharing our progress every step of the way.