Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 10/25/22


GGHD – Sega Game Gear Consolizer

The time has finally come! We are pleased to announce that GGHD consolizer listing has launched. The current shipping plan is to start shipping kits early to mid December and start shipping prebuilt units by late December to early January 2023.

Want to purchase a GGHD kit, prebuilt, or want to know more? Check out the listing by clicking here!

Moving on up!

Coming December 1st, we will officially be starting a lease in a new space right outside downtown Minneapolis, MN! With this move, we will attempt to keep operations and shipments running as normally as possible but it would be reasonable to expect some small delays on products that are shipping soon (namely GBHD Advance SP and GGHD). Again, we will being doing our hardest to make sure this doesn’t affect our current estimates. Any changes to schedules happen and we will write about it in our weekly updates per usual

General Order Updates

We are happy to announce that all GBHD Advance backorders have labels printed and we are assembling kits as fast as we can to get everyone’s order out the door! ETA on the all the packages being out the door is by the end of next week. If you had backordered a GBHD Advance and did not receive a tracking number via email, reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

GBHD Advance has been fully restocked and new orders of this product will ship in 7-14 business days. No more back ordering, we have them in stock and will print cases and ship as fast as we possibly can!

GBHD Advance SP case tweaks are done, we are now test printing the case for reliability and will order the production run of cases by the end of the week. New ETA for shipments starting is around 3 weeks but that depends on what the 3D printer we outsource to quotes us. We have seen estimates ranging from 3-4 weeks in the past, but will update everyone next week on what the estimate from the factory is.

Postman’s Engineering Update

Postman took some time this past week to attempt to include last minute changes to the GGHD firmware and hardware modifications to accommodate VA4/VA5/Majestico Game Gear consoles for the GGHD release. Ultimately, due to technical reasons and time constraints, he was unable to to complete this feature before batch 1 went out. In batch 2, changes to hardware and software will be made to enable these later Game Gear units to be usable with GGHD. So those of you that don’t have a VA0/VA1 Game Gear, fret not! Gamebox will have you covered in batch 2.

The weird flex boot ok installation instructions have been written and posted to the GitHub repository found here. The source for the bracket will soon be pushed as well. Postman will continue to update this project as more features are added that require changes, per webhdx’s suggestion that hardware requirements will change as updates are made to Picoboot.

Until next week!

That’s all for this week! Thanks to everyone who purchased a GGHD kit day one, we appreciate the support immensely. We look forward to giving you another update next week. Until then, have a great week!

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