Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 12/20/22


64HD – Digital Video Output Kit for Nintendo 64

We are pleased to announce that preorders have opened for 64HD, a new low-cost digital video mod kit for the N64!

Kit features include:

* Multiple resolution outputs

* 240p mode for CRT/PVM component support (external component converter not included)

* Plethora of scaling options

* VI Deblur

And much more!

Batch #1 preorders are open until January 6th and there is no purchase limit, batch #2 preorders to open the same day. Estimated ship to start shipping mid February 2023 for batch #1 with batch #2 estimated to ship mid to late April 2023. Additionally, we plan to keep these in stock to as much as we are able to meet demand. Bulk purchasing is also available. For orders >10x kits, please contact use directly at to get bulk order pricing.

Click here to go to the 64HD preorder page

Click here to watch our 64HD demo on Twitch

Last Order Fulfillment and Shipping Update of 2022!

We are pleased to report that as of today (12/20), about a third of GGHD orders have been fulfilled! We apologize for the delay in GGHD shipments, but we finally have a good flow of order processing nailed down to get these kits processed, shipped, and on your work bench in a timely manner. Preassembled GGHD units are still on track to start shipping just after the new year.

GBHD Advance and GBHD SP orders continue to ship in the given 7-10 business day range with only a few minor exceptions. GBHD SP prebuilt units will be shipped either right before the new year or right after the new year. A combination of printer congestion and custom colors printing slightly differently that has slowed shipments of these orders. These issues have been accommodated for and we are just waiting for our printers to clear up with GGHD orders to get to the custom colors. Again, we appreciate people’s patience here but the wait is almost over! As always, keep an eye on your email for shipping notifications. They will be arriving soon!

All other products have been shipping in (mostly) a timely manner, sans modcube replacement top orders which require special time to get printed correctly on our printers.

It’s Almost Moving Time

Starting just after the new year, we will be moving our operations to a new location. Because of this, order fulfillment will be behind for roughly 1 business week as we physically move and get acclimated to our new space.

We will of course share pictures of the new digs once we are all moved in! We have a nice view of a wall of the next door building downtown Minneapolis that we will be sure to show everyone in an update in the following weeks.

Postman’s Engineering Update

Postman does not have much to report on this update… Most of his efforts have been focused on prepping pre-asseambled consolizers and processing, packing, and shipping orders.

The one update he has is the 64HD beta firmware is complete and only needs QA testing for the current beta firmware to be the production firmware.

Along with the beta 64HD firmware, 64HD production pilot hardware has been ordered and is expected to ship late this week and will be received just before the new year. This pilot hardware will serve as the beta testing platform for beta testers to confirm all systems are go for production and subsequent shipping of 64HD kits.

From All of Us at Gamebox Systems to You and Yours: Happy Holidays!

With all our merry modding hearts: happy holidays and we wish you a bright a prosperous 2023! We look forward to serving and bringing you all more awesome Gamebox products next year and many years to come! 


We will be out of office the remainder of this week (12/21 – 12/27) and will have a half week next week (12/28 – 12/30) to spend time with family. Communications from our team will be delayed during this time! You may hear back from Postman during this time but we are trying to get him to stay away from work to spend time with his family and friends… Easier said than done, that mad modman!

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