Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 12/05/22


Howdy folks! Apologies for the delay in transmission but we have much news to share with you all this week. With that said, let’s dive into the backlog of Gamebox news!

GBHD Advance SP Case Hiccup (We fixed it!)

After shipping our initial batch of GBHD SP kits, we received multiple reports of the top half of the case having clips that were breaking when attempting to clip the case together during final assembly. Due to this discovery, we halted GBHD SP kit preparation and shipment for the last week in order to asses and remedy this issue.

Luckily, we were able to pinpoint the exact issue and fix the model. The fix (seen above) was to adjust the clipping mechanism and strengthen the clip by adding thickness to the clip.

This fix has been tested on multiple printers with multiple types of filament and we can safely say this the issue no longer exists. In fact, we are unable to break these clips without using tools! Needless to say, we are pleased with the result.

If you received a GBHD SP kit and the clips broke during assembly, please email us with your order number and we will ship you a replacement case as soon as we are able to, free of charge. To all those effected, thank you for your patience. We will get you up and running ASAP!

64HD Hardware is in the HOUSE!

The latest (and most likely last) engineering sample of 64HD has reached the lab! Initial tests show the hardware is working without issues. We will continue hardware bring up this week until we are 100% confident in the design. Preorders will open as soon as we have the confidence in our design and the bill of materials has been finalized.

We are projecting shipping to begin early to mid February 2023 after consulting with our manufacturer on lead times and production time slots available at our manufacturing house.

Price is still to be determined but we are determined to make this kit as affordable and as accessible as possible. With that said, kits will be priced either $99.99 or $109.99 depending on multiple factors associated with production. As soon as we know, an announcement will be made. This will most likely coincide with a launch date of preorders.

More information to come in the following weeks!

General Order Updates – GBHD, GGHD, and More!

Order fulfillment continues essentially around the clock here in the Gamebox lab!

GBHD Advance kits have been shipping within the same week from purchase date, all systems are go. This cadence will continue for future orders as we have plenty of kits and cases available. Preassembled units are on the docket for shipment, we ran out of stock of GBA motherboards but we have more being delivered today (12/5) and orders will go out in succession according to our order cue.

GBHD Advance SP kits/preassembled units have been on pause this last week due to the clip issue. As mentioned above, that issue has been resolved and we are catching up on GBHD SP case prints. We have a small buffer of cases and will resume kit shipment today with white case kits going out first and custom colors will follow.

GGHD kits will start shipping this week or early next week once we receive the last piece required for the kits from a supplier in China. Prebuilts are still on schedule to start shipping later this month.

Modcube orders are being printed and shipped between consolizer case prints. Unfortunately, we do not have ETAs for specific orders, however, we are working on getting these orders printed and out without causing printer traffic jams.

All other orders (weird flex boot ok, replacement parts, etc) are shipping 2-3 business days after initial ordering. All systems are running smoothly in this quadrant!

A Quick Poll for Our Customers…

As many of you noticed, we sent out a couple of emails advertising last week’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. Trust us when we say we hate advertising and ads as much as the next person, but we wanted to see how email advertising would unfold.

We also don’t want to spam up people’s emails if it is unwarranted… At the same time, we are engineers at heart and not marketing people. With this said, we would be ever so grateful if you would answer this single question survey to help us understand how everyone would like to hear about our new product announcements, product launches, sales events, and more!

Click here to help us by answering this single question poll!

Postman’s Engineering Update

GBHD SP and GGHD case files and installation guides have been uploaded to their respective repos on our GitHub. All can be found by clicking HERE

As mentioned above, 64HD hardware is in and testing has been providing positive results thus far. More testing of the firmware is required and more features will attempted to be added before we start shipping preorders in February. Firmware work includes general cleanup from porting the consolizer codebase, adjusting image filters for N64 image output, and more. No further details can be provided at this time but Postman is working extra hard to deliver an excellent kit at the lowest price possible.

Other than the aforementioned; Postman has been working long hours each week assembling fully assembled units, assembling kits, packing orders, providing support to our wonderful customers, doing R&D for 64HD and other upcoming products and more! Big round of applause to Post, he has been absolutely slaying here in the lab. SLAY POSTMAN, SLAY! ­čĹĆ

Au Revoir, Les Amis!

That’s a wrap for this week! We are attempting to get on a more regular cadence with these weekly updates… Time has a way of slipping away when we are hard at work bringing everyone awesome mod products! As always, we are (mostly) on track and on schedule with minimal hiccups along the way. Any updates, we will be sure to let you know via the typical outlets.

Until next week, ciao!

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