Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 11/18/22

Gamebox Systems Black Friday Sales Weekend 11/25 – 11/28

From 11/25 through 11/28, we will be offering the discounts listed above for our products using coupon code “BLACKBOX”. The sale may be through the weekend, but act fast! We are unsure if the product will stay in stock long with these sweet deals!

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: 64HD – Digital Video Solution for Nintendo 64

We are pleased to announce a new product coming this January to our digital video solution lineup: 64HD.

64HD is a lower cost digital video out mod for the Nintendo 64 built on the codebase of our consolizer lineup. This means that the feature set of this product will be akin to the current feature set of GBHD Advance; features such as 480p/720p/1080i resolution support, scaling options, filter options, etc will all be present in the firmware. The install process will be the same as existing solutions for Nintendo 64 that are currently on the market.

Kit price is estimated to be $129.99, while premodified consoles price is yet to be determined.

Release is scheduled for mid January 2023. Any changes to the information here will be noted in future weekly updates.

General Order Updates – SP Kits Shipping & GBHD Advance Orders

GBHD Advance SP white case kits starting shipping this week, so far around 16 orders have gone out and counting. We have our printers on 24/7 pumping out cases so more kits will be going out next week as well!

GBHD Advance orders are shipping like clockwork as we have all case options printed and ready to ship. Those of you who have received a tracking, it should update by Wednesday of next week. We will be prepping and boxing remaining Advance orders on Monday and Tuesday.

GGHD and GBHD Advance SP with custom colors and prebuilt consoles are on deck. We have been getting the white cases out first to keep the momentum going with a single filament, then start swapping colors for other cases, and continuing to assemble and ship orders. We operate on a first in first out basis for orders.

Postman’s Engineering Update

64HD hardware was completed and sent off for fabrication and assembly. As of today (11/18), the completed boards have been shipped and have an ETA of mid next week. Once they are in the Gamebox lab, board bringup and design verification will begin. If the hardware passes all testing, we will move into building the production build for the January release. Additionally, the 64HD firmware is completed, only minor tweaks remain before it is production ready.

GBHD Advance SP Installation guide will be posted on our discord shortly after some minor edits. This version of the install guide is preliminary, we will have a more polished guide in the next week or two.

GBHD Advance SP case files have been posted on GitHub HERE and are licensed under Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. Have fun!

Hasta La Vista, Modders!

We march forward with getting orders out, printing cases for orders, and continue R&D for future products. It’s a lot of work, but we love what we do and we are just as excited as you are all about our products and we look forward to continue getting orders into your mailbox!

Until next week, have a great weekend!!

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