Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 11/08/22

Actual Footage of the Gamebox Lab Last Week

Apologies for not having an update last week! We have been working in over drive to get development, testing, order fulfillment, printer maintenance, and everything in between done to keep our ship sailing smoothly. With that said, let’s dive into the updates!

GBHD Advance SP Kit and Fully Assemble Status Update

The Final tweaks for the GBHD Advance SP case design is finished and we were able to include the volume slider and the accessory mounting holes on back (for devices such as the wireless adapter that requires the clip mount holes found in the GBA SP). Originally we were going to send the design off to a 3rd party printing farm to be printed to save time. However, with the number of total sales for kits and fully assembled units thus far, we determined it is more time and cost efficient to keep the printing in house. This will allow us to get everyone their GBHD Advance SP kits even quicker than previously anticipated! The production printing has begun today on our main printer and we will be shipping out kits and Fully assembled units as soon as this week.

With all this said, we will be refunding $10 to all GBHD Advance SP orders. This is because we charged an extra $10 up front to accommodate for the outsourced printing. With the change of plans, we are sticking with our 2 of our core beliefs of transparency and integrity and are refunding the money that was paid up front for the printing. For those that ordered an GBHD Advance SP kit or fully assembled unit, you will see a $10 refund to your original payment by the end of the week. Listing prices will be updated to reflect this change as well.

GBHD Advance Orders Have Shipped is IN STOCK!

We are happy to report that all backorders and orders of GBHD Advance kits and fully assembled units have shipped out of the lab! All kits now come with the much easier to install test pad quick solder flex cables as well as the CPU quick solder flex cable for those GBA motherboards that may have corrosion or other PCB damage and require CPU flex installs. We had a couple more sales come in for GBHD Advance kits this past week, those will go out by the beginning of next week.

An addendum to the install guide has been posted in our discord for the test pad quick solder flex install and is pinned in the #consolization channel. CLICK HERE to access our discord channel for guides, help/troubleshooting, latest news and updates, and to chat with the Gamebox Community!

The GBHD Advance listing has been updated to reflect that we have kits and fully assembled unit IN STOCK and READY to ship within 7-14 days (sooner for the white only case options as we have those printed and ready to ship). If you were waiting for the restock, CLICK HERE to order yours now! Kits and fully assembled options are BOTH in stock now!

Postman’s Engineering Update

Some exciting news for those with an LG TV: The audio lag issue has been addressed and LG TV audio works perfectly now! For those interested, there was a small bug in the audio resampling clock generation code. The math made it so that the resampling requency was slightly below what the TV expected, hence the lag in audio. With the v2 PCB of GBHD Advance (and SP and GGHD have this addressed in hardware as well), the new clocking system allows for precise audio resampling clock generation and completely fixes the issue! Again, this fix has been merged with all firmwares across the board (GBHD Advance, SP, and GGHD).

FOR THOSE SPECIFICALLY WITH AN LG TV AND A GBHD ADVANCE WITH THE AUDIO LAG ISSUE: Please send us an email if you would like us to update your firmware to address this issue. This may or may not improve compatibility with other TVs or monitors, we are uncertain as we lack the capability to test on screens that customers have reported as not working. With this said, this firmware fix is currently deemed only applicable for those that have an LG TV. If your TV is not LG, this firmware fix most likely is not applicable for your consolizer.

GGHD production firmware v1.3.0 has been completed ahead of schedule and coincided with the completion and finalization of the GGHD case design. The plan, as of now, is to fulfill GBHD Advance SP case prints/orders and then move on to GGHD case prints. The install guides for both products are still in the works and will be completed and published prior to the shipping of both products.

A small DSHD update for this week. PCB design work has been completed on a proof of concept/prototype of the development hardware. This will be primarily used to show the idea off using our current Xilinx FPGA and then port the code over to our new FPGA vendor once we get the concept and base code completed. DSHD is still a ways off, but this is a first and very important step to getting DSHD to market for everyone!

Q4 Gamebox Roadmap Update is on Postman’s radar and will be updated/published in the coming weeks as development continues. We will make a point in a future update to let everyone know of the roadmap update! As of this week, not too many dates have shifted but an update is still required.

Big Update, Bright Future, Sore Fingers

PHEW, that was a lot to type! A lot of news to update you all on! We are making leaps and bounds in the right directions and we are happy you all are on this journey with us. Until next weeks update, have a great week and we will have more to update you on in the next Gamebox weekly update.


1 thought on “Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 11/08/22”

  1. Hello!

    I am someone who’s very excited for the DSHD and I want it to be the best product it can possibly be!

    I was just randomly thinking about it and I realized something.

    As far as I know when the ds and ds lite dont have any power (for instance if you remove the battery) they reset to factory settings which would mean that a consolized ds could never be disconnected from power or else you would lose all your settings.

    I personally don’t like leaving devices plugged in that I don’t plan on using in the immediate future (I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this) so I would propably regularly disconnect my DSHD from power via an on/off switch.

    So what I’m trying to say is would it maybe be possible to implement a coin cell battery holder or something similar into the DSHD design so the ds motherboard can still get some power to remember it’s settings after it’s been removed from power?

    I know this is very specific and maybe you guys even thought about it already but I just wanted to let you know.

    I didn’t know a better way of contacting you so I just thought I should post here in hopes that someone reads it!

    Anyway I’m very excited for the DSHD and can’t wait for it to come out!


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