Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 10/18/22

GGHD – Sega Game Gear Consolizer – Launching Before End of October!

We are pleased to announce that GGHD will go live before the end of October. Hardware, firmware, and kit contents have been finalized. The last piece to the puzzle before launching GGHD is the case. Currently we are tweaking the case design and adjusting tolerances, however, the most difficult tasks of the design have been tackled. An announcement will come in the following weeks on our twitter about the listing going live. We are tracking towards kits starting to ship late November. Details and feature list will be shared prior to the listing going live. GGHD firmware closely matches GBHD Advance with some Game Gear specific tweaks!

We hope the community is as excited as we are!!

GBHD Advance Restock and GBHD Advance SP Update

The SP kit has had a slight schedule slip as we have been tweaking the case design. The tweaks will add functionality back to the consolizer as well as make installation even easier than before! We thank everyone for their patience and understanding, we are now tracking towards having these ship in mid-November. The wait will be well worth it!

For the GBHD Advance restock, we are only waiting on the new test pad quick solder flex cable to include in kits. The estimated ship date is this Friday (10/21) and will be in mid next week. Once we have those cables, kits will ship immediately. If you have a kit ordered and do not care about the new flex cable, send us an email and we will ship out your kit with only the original CPU quick solder flex cable if you wish to receive your kit faster. Most prebuilt units have shipped, only a couple remain. Those prebuilt GBHD Advance (Non-SP) will ship before the end of the week.

Printer Farm Expansion Update

Nobble and close friend of Gamebox Toad have been working tirelessly on expanding the onsite printer farm. As of now we are up to 5 heavily modified and calibrated Ender-3 printers with two more currently in the works. In total, we plan on having 10 Ender-3 printers in our farm! Kudos to Nobble and Toad for their excellent work. Here’s to more printers in our farm!

Postman’s Engineering Update

First up this week is Weird Flex Boot OK (WFBOK for short). All WFBOK kits have been shipped! A short guide explaining the install process will be posted to the WFBOK GitHub by tomorrow evening. We have made the install process as simple as possible, so there won’t be much of a guide to write!

Our new project “Poiboi”, an open source RGB LED spinning poi with accelerometer had its v1 hardware bring up and only minor adjustments are needed to the hardware. Charging circuit, boost circuit, microcontroller, and accelerometer have been tested with sample programs and work as expected. When the next hardware revision is tested and we have written documentation and sample programs, we will release the complete file set in a GitHub repository.

Wish Postman a Happy Birthday and Have a Great Week

It’s Postman’s birthday this Thursday the 20th and he is turning 28! So if you see him around twitter or discord, wish him a happy birthday!

A lot of progress is being made daily here in the lab and we look forward to another update next Tuesday. Until then, cheers!

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