Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 10/04/22

Good News or Bad News First?

We personally prefer bad news first to get it out of the way: the GGHD shipment was returned to the factory for an unknown reason. On top of this, the factory workers are out of office this week for national day in China. This goes without saying that GGHD will be slightly delayed until we can confirm that the shipment was been reshipped. Right now ETA is beginning of November, however, we will know more once workers return to work from their holiday. As always, we will keep everyone updated on the situation!

Now for the good news: GBHD Advance restock has been delivered! We updated the hardware for a v1.1 hardware. The changelog is as follows:

– Added 2x WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs for built in LitKit Functionality
– Added test pads for adding WS2812B LEDs with support up to 9 LEDs total
– Added S2 test pad for those that use the CPU quick solder flex cable (instead of soldering to the R16 pad which is easy to rip off the board)

Ultimately, the changes are fairly superficial so there is no need for those with existing GBHD Advance to upgrade to this minor hardware update. Additionally for this build, the SNES port and power button were not soldered to the board for a multitude of reasons. The SNES port and power button will obviously still come with the kit and are easily solderable as they are through hole components.

All GBHD Advance backorders (kits and prebuilts) will start shipping next week once the new test pad flex cables are in stock.

Postman’s Engineering Update

Not a ton to report this week as we are prepping to start getting weird flex boot ok orders out and prepping GBHD Advance (SP) kits and prebuilts ready for customers.

Besides the prep work for customer orders which is ongoing, Postman will be creating the weird flex boot ok repo and adding the new flex cable to the GBADVI repo by the end of this week.

L8r S8rs!

That’s all for this week. Tune in next week to find out more about what happens with the GGHD shipment and order fulfillment! Until then, have a gr8 week! 🖤

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