Gamebox Weekly Newsletter – Week of 1/9/2023

Hitting the Ground Running – General Updates

Hello everyone and 2023! We are back in office and hitting the ground running. This past week we were mostly taking care of support requests and tasks that were delayed because of the holidays. Nobble has completed work on our new space (pic above) and it is looking fantastic! The plan was originally to start moving this past week, however, a string of blizzards hit our region so the start of our move has been postponed to this upcoming week.

Order shipment updates

This upcoming week, after beginning our move, we will continue shipping GBHD Advance/GBHD SP kits and other small orders (i.e. Weird Flex Boot OK, SD2SP2 Lids, etc) out to customers. Unfortunately, the printer that was handling custom color GBHD SP and GGHD tops has gone down. Luckily, once we are in the new spot, Nobble will have the space and time to get these up and running so that we can continue shipping these orders. More details on the printer status next week when Nobble has them in the new space and has a chance to take a look at them.

New Modder in Our Midst

We are pleased to announce that we have hired our first modder Cody to help with the Fully assembled unit assembly! Cody will be coming into town the week after next to train on the assembly process. This will greatly reduce the wait time for fully assembled units, which have seen a significant influx of orders in the past couple of months. So if you have a fully assembled order that hasn’t shipped: fret not! Between Nobble getting the printers up and running, Cody helping with the fully assembled process, and Postman fulfilling orders, we have a trifecta working hard to get you your orders!

64HD Update – Delaying Shipment for Popular Feature Inclusion

Bitter sweet news; 64HD is going to be delayed. BUT! The delay is for a good cause!

After conducting a twitter poll this week, the community overwhelming voiced the opinion that having the ability to save the settings of 64HD was important to them. We are happy to oblige with the caveat that Postman has reported the time to include this feature (implementation and verification) will take around 4 weeks. This will be a change to hardware and firmware, see he needs the extra weeks to ensure the system is rock solid before we put in a production order for the hardware.

Because of this delay, we are also extending the pre-order window to January 31st. So if you haven’t bought yet, you still have time!

Cest La Vie!

That’s all for this week! We look forward to updating you on our progress in next weeks update. Until then, mod hard and enjoy your next week! Ciao!

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