Gamebox is known for their video games mods, right?

Well now we offer custom ordered 3D Prints and Made-to-Order Designs!

Send any file to us and have our in-shop 3D Printing Technician take care of all your needs!

Do you have a cool printable video game mod that you want to install, but we currently don’t offer it?

Or maybe you designed something and need some test prints made quickly.

How about that DND campaign where you need a custom character miniature designed?
Whatever your need is, we have you covered!
The price listed is a down deposit on one custom colored order for your needs.
PLA starting at $9.99
PETG starting at $19.99
TPU starting at $19.99
UV RESIN starting at $39.99

*We will only refund based on the amount of material and labor involved to fulfill your order. The total amount will vary per request, and will be discussed via email upon purchasing.

Maximum print size is 12x12x12″ or 300mm cubed.

To start an order, please choose the following options:

Leave a comment in the order note with your color preferences. *We can print in most colors.

Once you have completed your order in checkout, email us at GAMEBOX.SYSTEMS@GMAIL.COM with:

  • Your Order #
  • The .STL or .OBJ file to print (or link if free to download)
  • Detailed description of your color preferences with colors listed for each part
  • SIZE OF OBJECT (volumetric is best, height helps)
  • SERVICE SPEED (time-frame needed)
Our service operates 24/7 and most orders start printing within an hour of ordering for RUSH SERVICE, and roughly one day for REGULAR SERVICE.
All prints are made in our US location by Nobble, our Head of Design & Manufacturing, unless we are overwhelmed with orders. We will email you if this happens and will forward contact information to one of our qualified printing technicians within the states for printing and processing.
If you would like to have a custom design made and printed, please email us first before ordering. You can contact us at:
As we enter a new realm of product options, we are reminded of the pride and recognition gained for our manufacturing techniques, product quality, and guaranteed satisfaction. With our quality control making sure each and every print is just right before we ship out orders.

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We will make an update announcement soon for GBHD Color Pre-Orders!
(They end in October!!!)

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