Gamebox Newsletter – Week of 06/21/23

Hello World, the Gamebox Newsletter is Back!

We are starting up our newsletter once again to keep everyone informed of what’s happening in the Gamebox lab. This update is short and to the point, but we will send out a longer update the first week of July.

The Plan for Gamebox Moving Forward

We will be moving manufacturing and fulfillment of our product to CastleMania Games (Rondo for wholesale buyers) in lieu of fulfilling orders in house. This will ensure that products will be in stock ready to ship to you in a matter of days. In turn, this will free us up to continue with our roadmap to bring you PSPHD, DSHD, 3DSHD, and more.

Since we are moving our production and fulfillment, this means that GBHD Retro and GBHD Color will be back in stock at CastleMania Games/Rondo! Some small adjustments have been made to the kit’s hardware so that we can bring the firmware changes from our newest products over to our other products for a facelift.

We will no longer be selling fully assembled units as well. Prebuilt units will be sold through courtesy of Jason. He does excellent work and we are excited to have him assembling and selling fully assembled units! All outstanding prebuilt units will be fulfilled by game-tech. Those that don’t have tracking will get one soon as we are shipping the required parts to him this week for him to begin work and shipping ASAP.

There are only a handful of remaining orders outstanding. If you haven’t received tracking, you will get one in short succession.

That’s all for now!

That’s all for the moment, however, with these newly implemented changes, we will be moving back to a monthly/bi-monthly newsletter schedule starting first week of July to bring you the latest and greatest news!

We look forward to this new chapter in our saga and to serving you all better in the second half of 2023. Until next newsletter, stay cool and enjoy the rest of your June!

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