CARTBOY ADVENTURE DEMO RELEASE! + Social-Distance Update and Impact on our Operations.

Hey Everyone!
Sorry about the radio silence for a while. The world has been undergoing a manual software revision update and so has your ol’ pal Nobble!

Even with this distance, I have seen great things happen when minds get together.

Postman and I have been working long-distance to continue our operations here at Gamebox LLC. With that said, our work loads are shared differently and currently Postman has been working solely on development for new products we will soon be offering! Nobble has been designing the finalized version of the DMG Consolizer case and we have final DMTV boards on order for the ones who got in to the pre-order before it closed.
With that said, We will be releasing a new type of Gameboy LCD/Controls replacement that outputs HDMI @720p and the base kit is now completely SOLDERLESS!
We will have another update this month to go into further detail about this new product.
Now for some fresh CARTBOY NEWS!
Our amazing Discord server member ChampionLeake (Winner of Wermy’s Sudomod Cartboy Giveaway) has been designing a complete game for Cartboy Fanboys all over the world.
Today he released a stable Demo version of what he has called “Cartboy Adventure!”
Check it out! You can even play the game online or download and flash to a real DMG or even CARTBOY!!!
Description of Game:

“May your Cartventure begin as you play as Gamebox’s mascot, “Cartboy”, a raspberry-pi zero device that’s built for retro-gaming on the go.  In this demo, you’ll venture to three mini-games. Successfully completing a minigame rewards you a badge. Can you collect all three badges to finish the demo?

This game is playable on a real Gameboy device (Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, etc.) This game is also compatible through gameboy emulation.”



WASD, Arrow-Key
J, Z
K, X




Here is the updated information from his devlog:

CartBoy Adventure DEMO Update – ver1.1.2

Further improvements to overall game stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

NOTE: Please start a new game as the changes and revisions to this game might corrupt data or the game itself, making some areas inoperable.


  • Changes to “RetroPie PC” [MODERATE]
    • Reduced CPU usage (Soundtrack shouldn’t lag anymore).
    • Replicated the menu to match the “Arcade Mode” menu.
  • Bug Fixes & revisions for the “CartBoy Maze” minigame [MAJOR – GAME BREAKING]
    •  CartBoy Maze’s variables are now set to false after completing the minigame.
    • Player’s adjustment speed has been incremented by 20%
    • Obtaining a key(s) while visiting other scenes will now disappear from the map instead of resetting the variables to its initial state.
    • Unlocking a gate(s) while visiting other scenes will now disappear from the map instead of resetting the variables to its initial state.
    • CartBoy Maze‘s Trivia Answer Outcomes Revised


      • Maze Level 09/10: All Incorrect Trivia Answers will now send you back to Maze Level 08/10.
  • Revisions for the “Sliding the GB Cart” minigame [MODERATE]
    • Added additional parameter checks for Cart#2
      • Checks if Cart#1 has been placed in the correct location first before being able to slide Cart#2


Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work and dedication to your love for Cartboy and designing amazing Gameboy roms! They did everything on their own! Even the chiptune!!!


Head over to the release page and let Leake know what you think of the Demo!


As always, we will be available for any questions via our email GAMEBOX.SYSTEMS@GMAIL.COM or you can join our DISCORD SERVER where we have chats set up for our customers on each of our products and related topics.


Thanks again everyone for your continued support through these current times! We will continue to work hard to complete customer orders and release new amazing mods for everyone to enjoy!


This is Nobble. Signing off. 😀

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