About Us



Hey it’s Nobble!

You may know me from various online communities, project contest winning entries, or from my various online accounts. I grew a passion for modding electronics at the age of 14. Over the years I have designed and built portable video game consoles and other mini electronic handhelds.

I am a self-taught 3d designer and know my way around the art of 3D printing. Creativity for me, is my life/hobbies/meditation.

My duties at Gamebox LLC are not limited to, but include:  Order-related CS, Website Dev, Product Design & Manufacturing, Assembly, Sales Fulfillment, Marketing, and Moderator of our Discord Server.



Postman (Aaron) here!

Growing up I always had a fascination with video game hardware. This mystery box that created some of my favorite memories… What made it tick? Almost all the embedded systems knowledge I have is self taught, driven by my passion and obsession of computers with proprietary data protocols known as a game system. Slowly but surely I am demystifying the ticking behind the black boxes.

My duties at Gamebox LLC are not limited to, but include: Wholesale Representative, Technical-related CS, Product Research & Design, Debugging, Programming, FPGA Wizard, and Moderator of our Discord Server.